Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve

Chittor and YSR Kadapa Districts,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Our goals

We intend to ensure the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and their genetic variations while encouraging the use of traditional resource use systems and developing a community spirit towards conservation. By promoting sustainable economic development at a local level and improving natural resource management, we aim to reduce anthropogenic pressure on the ecosystem. The reserve aims to support research, monitoring and educational activities and provide a common platform for sharing those results.

Who benefits?

The beneficiaries from the conservation activities of biosphere reserves are many. At the grass-root level, the forest fringe communities and the forest dwellers benefit from an abundance of forest resources. In the next level, the neighbouring societies benefit from the higher quality of ecological services including cleaner air and water. Finally, the national and international communities benefit from its unique genetic resources, conservation lessons and abundant scientific studies.

Unique Features

The area is characterized by hills of various elevations, deep gorges and many waterfalls. This creates micro-climate conditions in the area and provides hospitable environment for luxuriant growth of diverse flora including endemic species. Visitors can have some thrilling views of the waterfalls, natural springs, valleys, gorges, ridges and hill peaks. Likewise, trekkers can experience the thrill of trekking through these wonderful areas.

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